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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Bids Opening Certificates​


CET-LP05 :Bid Opening Certificate
CET-MP06 : Bid Opening Certificate
CET-NW07: Bid Opening Certificate
CET-WC09 :Bid Opening Certificate
CET-GP03 :Bid Opening Certificate
CET-NC08 :Bid Opening Certificate
CET-EC01 :Bid Opening Certificate
CET-KZN04:Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 120: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 119: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 118: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 117: Bid Opening certificate
DHET 116: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 115: Bid Opening Certificate


DHET 114: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 113: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 109: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 112: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 111: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 110: Bid Opening  Certificate
DHET 106 Bid Openning Certificate


DHET 105 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 103 Bid Opening Certificate 
DHET 104 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 102 Bid Opening Certificate
DHTET RFQ015 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET101: Bid Opening Certificate
DHET100: Bid Opening Certificate​
DHET RFQ014 Bid Opening  Certificate​​
DHET 098​ Bid Opening Certificate
DHET RFQ013 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET RFQ012 Bid Opening Certificate​
DHET 099 Bid opening Certificate​
DHET 097 Bid Opening Certificate​
DHET 096 Bid Opening Certificate​
DHET 093 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET 093 Latest Verified List of Bids​
DHET 095 Bid Opening certificate​
DHET 091 Bid opening certificate | Attendance register for briefing session
DHET 090 Bid opening certificate
DHET 088 Bid opening certificate
DHET 087 Bid opening certificate
DHET 086 Bid opening certificate
DHET 085 Bid opening certificate
DHET 084 Bid opening certificate
DHET 083 Bid opening certificate
DHET 082 Bid opening certificate
DHET 078 Bid opening certificate​
DHET 026 Bid opening certificate

DHET 080 Bid Opening Certificate
RFQ006 Bid Opening Certificate
DHET075 Bid Opening Certificate 
DHET077 Bid Opening Certificate

Real increases to the DHET​​'s budget celebrate
In the 7th edition of Independent Thinking, Minister Nzimande presents his 2016/17 budget in which he says that the higher education and training system is grappling with significant challenges and is under intense public scrutiny. However, he adds, the Department has made enormous strides in building post-school education and training the likes of which have never before been seen in South Africa...more 

Did you know?

...the Department of Higher Education and Training invested R1,6 billion in South Africa's two newest universities, the universities of Mpumalanga and Sol Plaatjie (North West).


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